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What are the Features of Using Fiducial's Accounting and Financial Reporting Services?

Fiducial has a System for helping your business grow and be profitable. It’s part of our overall "Systems for Success" that have helped so many of our business and individual clients reach their true goals. Some of our AFR System features include:

  • A customized data gathering approach tailored to your business. We’ll help you collect the necessary information in a way that’s most convenient for you. We’ll also work with your bank to have your statements mailed directly to us.
  • Tools that can be used by and for any business—corporation, partnership, sole proprietor, large or small, and any industry. Ask us about our proprietary "daily books" that especially make it easy to record information if your business is a gas station or auto repair shop.
  • A Duplicate Check approach so that you can maintain the original check while the duplicates are sent to us for processing. You always have a record of your transaction that matches ours.
  • Proprietary software that provides over 160 customizable financial reports so you see the numbers you want to see every month, in a professional, easy-to-understand format.
  • Key Financial Reports delivered timely to you, your bank, your supplier or any other interested party you designate.
  • Access to a secure, on-line virtual file cabinet for easy exchange of your information with our professionals if you choose to transfer your information files over the web.
  • Integration with other Fiducial tools and systems, such as our Payroll Processing Center or Tax Compliance Center, to provide a complete and streamlined business advisory package.

What are the Benefits of Using a Fiducial Professional?

There are a number of reasons to have Fiducial professionals working for you and your business, but we'll bottom line it for you:

By having us take care of all your accounting and financial reporting needs:

  • You save time and can focus on your core services.
  • You improve your decision-making capabilities with the information you get from us.
  • Your records, reports and returns will be free from inaccuracies because we guarantee our work.
  • You’ll save money when compared to hiring an in-house bookkeeper and accountant.
  • You’ll be able you to understand your business better.