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Bank Loans: When you apply for a business loan, your request must meet certain basic requirements. In addition to these essentials, the banker will want to know what will happen in the event of your disability or death; that is, do you carry disability, life, and general liability insurance? Put yourself in the banker's shoes and see what questions you would want answered if someone asked you to risk your capital. If you have not previously assembled a loan request in this manner, engage professional assistance.
Business Success Tips: It's difficult for smaller companies to compete with the management capacity of large chain stores or franchise operations. However, small companies can act more quickly than big companies. So, if you know what to monitor and where to get information, your business can be as successful as any. Consider the following ideas for saving time and money and making your business more profitable.
Business Valuations: Do you know what your business is worth? If you’re like many business owners, the answer to this question is probably “no.” That’s because business valuations can be both time-consuming and costly. Even so, there are many instances when it’s important to determine the value of your company.
Buying a Business : If you are considering buying an existing business, take time to investigate the business thoroughly.
Cost Cutting: Too often businesses emphasize increasing sales as the only way to boost profits. Cost-cutting, when done selectively and intelligently, can be a faster way to higher profits. "Trimming the fat" should continually be on every business owner's or manager's mind, and a serious cost-cutting review should be conducted every year or two. Here are nine ways you may be able to cut costs in your business.
Employee Theft: Employee theft happens frequently enough for it to be a concern of every business. It makes no difference whether your business is a one-employee medical office or a forty-employee retail outlet. Absentee business owners should be even more alert to the problem of employee theft. Busy managers find it easy to turn the recordkeeping over to a qualified employee. Don't do so without proper controls and constant review.
Family Businesses: Tax and business planning is important for the success of any organization, but especially for the family-owned enterprise. Here are some important questions that owners of family businesses need to address.
Growth Financing: The following sequence of events is common to many new and expanding businesses.
Starting a Business? If you start your own business, improve your chances for success by avoiding these common pitfalls.
7 Profit Tips: Consider the following ideas for saving time and money and making your business more profitable.